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The Vault at Bighorn Is a Car Collector’s Dream.

The Vault at Bighorn Is a Car Collector’s Dream

Viju Mathew
Members of the exclusive Bighorn Golf Club in Palm Desert, Calif., now have a new citadel for their show cars to dwell with the Vault at Bighorn, which opens today. The new 24,000-square-foot automotive amenity is not only an exquisite enclave for housing cherished classics, concepts, or supercars, but also an inner sanctum for socializing.

Set behind circular bank-vault doors (and guarded by a security system that includes fingerprint scanners, 360-degree HD cameras, and 4K monitors) is a pillared, museum-quality exhibition hall with polished flooring and dedicated parking stations. Also on display is a VirtualGT VFT Carbon race simulator for those who want to hone their driving skills without leaving the building.

When not admiring their curated coupes and roadsters up close, members can take in the entire eclectic collection from the Vault’s elevated Redline Lounge. Designed to appeal to a car enthusiast’s aesthetic, the 4,000-square-foot bespoke bar features glass doors fit with McLaren grillwork, sofas surrounding a Ferrari tachometer coffee table, and eight flat-screen televisions—all overlooking Bighorn’s eighth fairway and the Coachella Valley’s desert landscape.

Space availability within the Vault at Bighorn is reserved for club property owners only, and comes at an additional initiation price of $110,000, plus an annual fee. But those who qualified already put the pedal to the metal, as all of the 50 car and four motorcycle spots are spoken for. (bighorngolf.com)

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