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6 recipes for food stuffed inside food that you'll want to dive into.


Pizza pockets, stuffed tomatoes — the options of food inside food is virtually limitless.
Enter the world of food inception with our list of the best food stuffed in food recipes.
Note: We are using the term pocket loosely — a food is considered a pocket in this article if you can put another food inside of it.

1. Cheesy chicken pizza pockets

Pizza rat would probably approve this recipe.

Introducing the adult version of an American childhood snack. Stuffed with chicken and cheese, this recipe is perfect for a midday snack or a small dinner. You can easily transform this into a vegetarian or vegan-friendly recipe.

2. Spinach & feta phyllo triangles

Spinach Triangles
We're pretty sure Popeye would love these spinach triangles.

These triangles of spinach and (tofu) cheese heaven are complex, but worth every minute of preparation time. This recipe isn't vegan friendly, although we're sure you can easily substitute the tofu feta for the milk-based cheese.

3. Stuffed tomatoes with quinoa

Stuffed tomatoes
Quinoa is super simple to make — not so easy to pronounce.

Stuffed tomatoes, when cut, normally explode with juice and oil. But, Cookie and Kate's quinoa addition to the stuffed tomatoes allows juices to be soaked up during the baking process. This Mediterranean-inspired dish is perfect as a side.

4. American sloppy Joe pockets

A childhood classic reinvented.

Traditional Sloppy Joe sandwiches keep up with their namesake, as they are a messy slop of meat. Sloppy Joe pockets, however, make far less of a mess than the well-known counterpart. This baked dish may be less sloppy, but it maintains the same classic flavor Americans have become so fond of.

5. Mini lasagna cups

A food crossover to fall in love with.

This recipe combines the crunchiness of wontons with the classic flavor of lasagna. The lasagna cups also make a unique appetizer for dinner parties — if you want to impress your friends.

6. Mac and cheese stuffed peppers

mac n cheese
A stuffed bell pepper recipe with an American twist.

Mac and cheese takes the tired bell pepper recipe and turns it on its head. This is a great way to make your day-old leftovers new again. Cook the Story also suggests trying pulled pork or spaghetti in bell peppers for an added twist.

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